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September 30, 2016 / by Adam Reynolds /

Physics exam questions

We have started to adapt exam questions into dynamic questions on Intelligent Practice and we’re pretty excited about this. The process is an interesting one and we thought we’d share the approach taken by our Education Technology team in producing one of these questions. In this post we’ll take a look at a specific example of a typical exam question that we’ve adapted. We’ll expose how we handle definitions, questions and diagram drawing. We’ll also take a look at some of the thinking that goes into incorporating variability into the questions as well as the philosophy behind our worked solutions.

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August 25, 2016 / by Megan Beckett /

Finishing school is a big deal, but then what?

We have constant requests and questions from learners (and also teachers), either in person, over email or social media, for information about post-school and bursary opportunities (mostly related to Maths and Science, given our focus). It can be very overwhelming and confusing, and learners often don't even know where to start. Our mission is to empower learners and teachers in Maths and Science so that they can access these opportunities and realise their own potential, plus the potential of Maths and Science in the world around us.

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June 22, 2016 / by Kate Davies /

The importance of images in chemistry

While there are many tangible chemical properties, the underlying reasons for these macroscopic properties can be abstract. Understanding requires a knowledge of what is going on at a level that is impossible to see with the naked eye. Subtle differences can meaningfully impact the properties of materials we use every day.

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