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Want to do well in Maths & Science this year?

Meet the weekly goals and you could WIN A PRIZE!
Weekly draw

Set a weekly goal on your dashboard. Achieve that goal, and you'll be entered into the weekly draw to win a prize!

Superstar draw

Set and achieve your goal each week during #HeadSTART, and you'll also be entered into the Superstar draw!


The Small Print

  1. The challenge starts on Monday 13 February, and ends on Tuesday 14 March.
  2. Learners will have to opt in to #HeadSTARt, to be eligible for prizes.
  3. If a learner has already opted in to be part of our national leaderboards, they will automatically be opted in to #HeadSTARt.
  4. The competition will reward both Maths and Science practice.
  5. To be eligible for a prize, learners must be in their correct grade.
  6. To be eligible for a prize, a learner’s contact details must be up-to-date and correct.
  7. Learners can set their own goals on their personal dashboard.
  8. Any learner who sets and achieves their weekly goal will be placed in a draw to win one of our weekly prizes.
  9. Any learner who sets and achieves subsequent goals for each week of the campaign will be included in an additional Superstar draw each week.
  10. Prizes will be announced on Tuesday for work done for the week before.
  11. Winners will be notified by SMS or email.
  12. Prizewinners have until Friday 14 April to claim their prizes.

By opting in, you explicitly agree to have your first name, surname, school (where applicable), and leaderboard position displayed on a public leaderboard.

You are also explicitly agreeing to the general terms of use of Siyavula.com as well as Siyavula’s Privacy Policy.