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Learn and master high school Maths and Physical Sciences by doing questions online.

We offer Maths Grades 8-12 and Physical Sciences Grades 10-12.

Practice overview

The more you practise, the more you learn. Siyavula gives you the tools to practise Maths and Physical Sciences right through the school year.

  • Unlimited Maths and Physical Sciences practice questions
  • Immediate feedback and fully-worked solutions to questions
  • Questions that become more difficult as you practise
  • Works on mobile phones, desktops and tablets
  • We provide fully worked-out questions and answers for you to practise anywhere, anytime!

Product pricing

Affordable pricing, world-class education. Siyavula Education is proven to help learners improve their maths and science results through a highly interactive online practice platform.

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Adaptive intelligence

Our adaptive technology determines and adjusts the practice experience so that you get a mix of questions that is just right for your specific needs.

What do learners think of Siyavula?

Siyavula improves lives, as reported by the latest LeanData Report.

97% My quality of life has improved because of Siyavula
68% My marks have improved a lot
29% My marks have improved a little
3% My marks have not improved at all

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We offer a 7-day trial, so that you can experience the power of guided learning. After the trial has ended, you won't have to create a new account, but a paid subscription will be required to continue practising.

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