Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Bank

Please note we are unable to help you with any banking-related queries that you may have or any difficulties relating to online banking - you can contact Standard Bank directly for this on 0860 123 000.

1. What is Siyavula and how do I use it?

Siyavula Practice is a maths and science practice service for high-school learners. It offers learners an unlimited number of maths and science exercises to practice at a level that is tailored to their ability and gives immediate, worked examples for each question answered.

It is designed so that learners can practise as much as they like until they feel confident that they’ve really mastered a section. Our practice service adapts each practice session to the needs of the person practising by changing the difficulty and sequencing of the questions they see.

Siyavula Practice can be used by anyone with a computer, tablet or mobile phone (smart or not) as long as they have an internet connection.

2. How much is the discount for Standard Bank customers?

Standard Bank customers can get up to a 50% discount.

the Standard Bank discount calculation

3. Do I need to sign up to buy?

Yes, you’ll need to create an account before you can get access to the service.

4. Can I trial it first?

Yes, once you have created an account, you have a 7-day trial period to try it out.

5. Can I register more than one child at a time?

At this stage you will need to create a separate account for each child. We suggest starting by creating an account for your first child and making payment, and then creating the second account and making payment.

6. How do I know if my child’s school has a Standard Bank account?

As part of the order process, you will be asked to enter your child’s school. If your child’s school banks with Standard Bank, the discount will apply (subject to entering a qualifying Standard Bank card number).

7. I am a Standard Bank customer, why is the discount not working?

The discount is available to those holding specific individual accounts. If you, as a parent, hold a Prestige, Private or Elite account and have a valid bank card, you get 20% discount. If your child holds a Sum1 or Student Achiever account, you get another 20% discount; and if the school the child attends is a Standard Bank client, you get another 10%.

If you do have a qualifying account but it is still not working, please contact us directly on web chat, email or call us on 021 204 4877.

8. Can I cancel / delete the account?

Yes, once you have created your account, go to the menu in the top-right corner and select My Account. At the bottom of the My Account page is the option to delete the account.

deleting my account

9. When I tried to purchase, your webpage said that my payment is denied but there has been a deduction to my account!

If there has been a decline from the bank, no deduction will have been made; however, sometimes attempts look like deductions but they will not affect your balance, we have also seen this error with debit cards, if you can contact us and provide your card type, we can investigate on our side.

10. I am having problems with my online banking

If you have a concern with anything related to your banking or need to reach Standard Bank please see the below details:
General Standard Bank Customer Care
- SA0860 123 000
- International+27 11 299 4701
- Report Fraud0800 222 050