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Free past exam papers for

Real past papers.
Test what you know.
Get ready for exams!

About our past papers

Here’s why learners use our past papers to help them prepare for exams

Unlimited questions

The technology behind Siyavula produces an almost infinite variety of questions. You can do the same papers again but you’ll see different questions each time.

Detailed solutions

Every answer comes with a step-by-step solution, so you can learn from any mistakes you may have made.

Automatic marking

It can be difficult to mark your own work in the same way an examiner would. We do the marking, showing where you’ll earn marks, so you’ll really know where you stand.

Practice by paper or topic

You can choose to do a whole paper, or choose only the topics you want to revise. This allows you to focus your revision.

Based on real papers

Based on official exam papers, our past papers match what you’ll see in a real exam. They have the same content weighting and difficulty levels.

Our top study tips for exam success

  • Get into the habit of regular practice to build your skills over time.
  • Set a weekly goal on Siyavula to keep yourself motivated.
  • Practise what you’re learning in class immediately to build long-term memory.
  • Past paper practice is one of the best ways to study, so you should be doing lots of them! With Siyavula, you can practise past papers as many times as you like.
  • Don’t do the same type of question all the time: doing different kinds of questions in one practice session is good for your brain!
  • Get enough sleep so you’re well-rested before your exams.