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21.1 Introduction

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21 motion in one dimension

Chapter 21: Motion in one dimension

21.1 Introduction (ESAGS)

This chapter is about how things move along a straight line or, more scientifically, how things move in one dimension. This is useful for learning how to describe the movement (motion) of cars along a straight road or of trains along straight railway tracks. There are three features of motion that we use to describe exactly how an object moves. They are:

The jerk is the name we give to how fast the acceleration is changing.

Traffic often moves along a straight line.

  1. position which tells us about an object's location or displacement which tells us about change of location

  2. speed which tells us how fast the object is moving or velocity which tells us how fast the object is moving and where it is moving to, and

  3. acceleration which tells us exactly how fast the object's speed and velocity are changing.