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The opportunity


Gradesmatch is a comprehensive career guidance platform that helps learners in Africa unlock their potential and make well-informed career decisions. Gradesmatch provides information on different opportunities and pathways open to learners after school. Learners will also get information on application opening and closing dates, subject and portfolio requirements, and funding opportunities available to them.

The details

Why choose Gradesmatch?

Gradesmatch is there to provide good quality career guidance to learners in Africa, enabling them to plan a career path, from education to employment. Gradesmatch helps:

  • High school learners to match their grades to opportunities for further education
  • Schools to plan ahead for the learners’ career pathways
  • Tutoring and assessment companies provide their services to learners
The connection

How do I register?

Learners can register with Gradesmatch by visiting www.gradesmatch.co.za/register. Once learners have registered on the Gradematch platform, they will have free access to all information on the website.

Register now!

For more information, please visit our website at: www.gradesmatch.co.za/register