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The opportunity


StudyTrust administers bursaries and scholarships on behalf of various South African and international companies to students in mostly Commerce, Engineering and Technology degree programmes. Successful applicants participate in a mentoring and student support programme aimed at academic success and career readiness.

The details

Why choose StudyTrust?

  • StudyTrust excels at bursary payment administration to allow bursary students to focus fully on their studies.
  • Their mentoring and student support programme benefits from insights gained over 48 years of working with students.
  • Students associated with StudyTrust have the opportunity to participate in a community of equally motivated peers.
  • StudyTrust support programmes are aimed at strengthening competence in transforming failure and challenges into learning opportunities.
The connection

How do I apply?

StudyTrust manages several bursaries and scholarships on behalf of trusts, foundations, and private and corporate donors. More information on the various opportunities’ selection criteria is provided on their Bursaries page: https://studytrust.org.za/bursaries

For more information, please visit https://studytrust.org.za