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The opportunity

Umthombo Youth Development Foundation

Providing academic and social mentoring support to students from rural areas, who are studying a health sciences degree at any public university.

The details

Why choose Umthombo Youth Development Foundation?

The Umthombo Youth Development Foundation has assisted hundreds of students from rural areas qualify as healthcare professionals by providing academic and mentoring support. The Foundation supports:

  • Rural-origin students who are studying, or applying to study, a health science qualification at a public university
  • Students who have financial support from NSFAS (which the Foundation will top up)
  • Students who are pursuing their first post-school qualification
  • Graduates who are willing to work in the public sector after qualifying, specifically in rural or underserved areas
The connection

How do I apply?

Applicants will need to provide Umthombo Youth Development Foundation with:

  1. Their matric results
  2. Proof of acceptance from a South African public university to study a health sciences qualification
  3. Proof of National Student Financial Aid (NSFAS) funding approval
  4. Their home address

Apply now!

For more information, please visit the website at: umthomboyouth.org.za