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The opportunity


Providing a 12-month, full-time learnership where you will learn high-value tech or digital product design skills such as data science, web development, or UI design.

The details

Why choose Umuzi?

By successfully completing Umuzi’s full-time learnership and meeting their requirements, you could also earn yourself an opportunity for a three-month internship at one of South Africa’s top employers. Umuzi will also support you afterwards by linking you to great job opportunities.

  • The curricula are designed around high-demand careers that will help you maximise your potential in the job market
  • A holistic approach using on-the-job training means you learn technical, conceptual and professional skills, while building a portfolio of work
  • You will earn while you’re learning
  • Learnerships are completely remote, so you can learn anywhere
  • Umuzi is MICT SETA accredited, so you will leave with a recognised National Certificate qualification (NQF5)
The connection

How do I apply?

To apply to Umuzi, you need to have completed matric, and be a South African citizen between the ages of 18 and 34. To apply:

  1. Go to your Siyavula Learner Report, click on the Share Report button at the top, tick the Make my report public checkbox, and then copy the shareable link and save it (you’ll need the link later)
  2. Go to the Umuzi online application portal at umuzi.org/apply-now
  3. Create a profile on the website (this is a self-service portal)
  4. Head back to your profile to update your details, which will send a form to your email address:
    1. Select Siyavula when asked where you are applying from
    2. Upload your learner report as instructed
  5. Head back to your online profile to complete the aptitude test

Apply now!

For more information, please visit the website at: umuzi.org