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We think you are located in United States. Is this correct?

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The opportunity


iXperience helps ambitious students gain new skills and work experience, with the possibility of travel too.

The details

Why choose iXperience?

iXperience’s programmes connect you with industry experts, brilliant classmates and amazing internship experiences, from anywhere in the world.

  • Improve your career prospects by learning relevant skills and gaining work experience, fully online
  • Engage in meaningful interaction in live online seminars and small classes
  • Guaranteed internships in exciting fields such as Data Science, Digital Marketing, and Management Consulting
  • Join a supportive global community of students, mentors, and young professionals
  • Add travel to your programme! Explore iXperience’s campuses around the world - from Cape Town to Honolulu
The connection

How do I apply?

Any learner who has mastered five chapters on Siyavula Practice in their correct grade and subject can apply for the iXperience course. Share your Siyavula Learner Report on the iXperience application, to show off your grit and effort.

To apply:

  • Go to your Siyavula Learner Report, click the Share report button at the top, tick the Make my report public checkbox, then copy the shareable link and save it somewhere. You’ll need the link later.
  • Go to the iXperience website, select the programme that you’re interested in, and click Start my Application to register.
  • Complete the iXperience admissions process, and include your Siyavula Learner Report.
  • iXperience has financial aid available, so be sure to ask the admissions team about that.
  • Find out your results and proceed to the Bootcamp registration.

Apply now!

Courses run throughout the year, so please visit https://ixperience.co/for-high-school to view the upcoming programmes.